The Need To Opt For Pediatric Dentistry

Children can be negligible with their dental habits. The amount of chocolates and cookies that they gorge on when their parents are bot looking can do a lot of damage to the little one’s teeth. Though most parents put their children in the habit of regularly brushing their teeth in the morning and before going to bed, it might not be enough. Children can be fussy and they might forget to brush and floss properly. This can lead to a lot of issues and hence parents have to consider going for Pediatric dentistry.

Parents are often unaware why they should take their children to a Pediatric dentist when a family dentist might be enough. There is some difference between them which is essential for the parents to now.

The difference between a pediatric dentist and a normal dentist

Apart from the standard years of dental training that one undergoes for studying dental medicine Pediatric dentists have some additional training that involves expertise and knowledge of treating children.

It is obvious that the dental needs and issues of a child is different from that of an adult. Children are often afraid of visiting dentists and they need to be with someone who can calm them down mentally. Pediatric dentists have the know how of the same and they are skilled to handle children in a specific way. They take a special approach so that the experience is less frightening and painless as possible. It is important for the children to be at ease with the environment and the dentist who is going to handle them.


So what does a pediatric dentist do?

The job of a pediatric dentist is to cater to the children primarily and their dental issues. They educate children and the parents on proper oral care and dental hygiene. They also design their clinic in a way that the children find it friendly and happy. The waiting areas too are designed in a way with toys and puzzle games and board games that the kids stay occupied until called in.

As a pediatric dentist one has to be a lot more patient with the children. The processes that are involved might not be same for what is generally carried out for adults. Sedation is mandatory for children who find it difficult to remain calm and hence the treatment process might involve the use of nitrous oxide.


A pediatric dentist also carries out a lot of other examinations, dental cleanings and treating cavities apart from attending to other dental exams. Treating gum diseases as well as repairing teeth injuries due to trauma is also handled by a pediatric dentist. Treating problems such as bite or crooked teeth is also handled extensively well by an experienced pediatric dentist.

Keeping children under a routine dental exam can be very helpful for them in the long run. Most of the time children develop dental issues from an early stage. Without visiting a pediatric dentist regularly these issues generally don’t come to the surface. The small problems can gradually turn into something bigger as they grow older. Hence pediatric dentistry plays an important role in maintaining proper dental health for children.