Facts About the vivo Y12

It is revealed that the Vivo Y12 will be launched in the second half of the year. There is an internal buzz that this phone will be launched in China first before it is introduced globally. The device has been given a codename, which is, “Box”. The phone is manufactured by LG and is powered by the company’s own operating system. Apart from this, there are rumors that the device may be introduced in mid-budget market in addition to higher end segments. To know more about the features of this phone, the buyer should log on to online shops.

The Vivo Y12 has two primary cameras vivo y12 – the primary camera has a 13 megapixel primary unit and a 6 mega pixel secondary unit. The secondary camera has a dual-tone color filter as well as monochrome filter. The main camera has a three megapixel resolution, while the image stabilization system offers up to two-million dot pitch. The OVIamide Engine also promises high speed performance. There is no word on whether the battery of the phone will support VOIP.

The Vivo Y12 comes with a software bundle, which includes OVI Livecycle 7, android interface, and general utility tools. The software can be used for the repair, restoration, and customization of the phone. This is available in two models – the privo model and the standard edition. The standard edition has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB, which is sufficient for the average user. The model with the OVI Livecycle 7 has a storage capacity of two gigabytes and is ideal for the individual who needs extensive multimedia features.

The superior camera of the vivo y12 is a first for an ai wide-angle camera. This is the first smartphone from the ai series that has an optical zoom feature. The image quality of this camera is very good, especially when capturing images at various distances.

The built-in voice dialer in the vivo y12 allows users to make appointments and call phone numbers directly, without having to dial the number first. Voice recognition software of the phone comes with an advanced call recording feature that stores all the calls made and received by the phone. The built-in weather condition information and clock app can help individuals make accurate weather forecasts. With this impressive feature, the android phone comes out well ahead of its competitors.

Other important features of the vivo y12 comes in the form of advanced GPS technology and infrared detectors. The GPS facility is extremely useful for those who like to track their flights. It also helps them find their way when traveling. The built-in infrared detectors help locate objects even in total darkness.