Open Lending Corporation – Nasdaq: Lpro

Open Lending Corporation – Nasdaq: Lpro

Open lending corporation (NASDAQ: LPRO at stockholders may be concerned that Co-founder Ross Jessup recently sold a large quantity of stock for US$32.64 per share for a total of US$7.9 million. It’s important to remember, though, that they’re still very much invested in the stock, with the sale only reducing their holding by 6.4 percent.

Insider Transactions at Open Lending in the Last 12 Months

In reality, Co-Founder Ross Jessup’s recent sale of Open Lending shares was not their only one this year. They sold for US$26.88 per share in a -US$14 million deal earlier this year. That means an insider decided to sell some shares even though the price was lower than the current price of US$38.20. When an insider sells at a lower price than the current price, it means they thought the lower price was reasonable. That makes us wonder how they feel about the recent (higher) valuation. Although insider selling isn’t a good sign, we can’t tell whether it means insiders believe the stock is overvalued, so it’s just a warning sign. It’s worth noting that this sale represented just 12% of Ross Jessup’s total holding.

Insiders at Open Lending haven’t bought any stock in the last year. Over the last 12 months, you can see a visual representation of insider trades (by companies and individuals).

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